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About Me

Dallas at work in his loft

I have been building models for about 25 years having started, like most, with my dad buying me a model aeroplane. In my case this was a 1:72 scale Red Arrow Gnat. We built it together with my dad teaching me the basic skills required for assembly, although we did not paint it. This gave me the modelling 'bug'. For a number of years following I built kits that I brush painted and learnt a lot about different techniques to get a semi-decent finish. I had a break from building of around 8 years when I was finishing school and starting work, but then picked up the hobby again when my free time became more available. Since then, I have developed my dedicated work area to have separate areas for building, painting, soldering and photography.

Having a passion for cars and motorcyles, a lot of the models I build are on these subjects. Each model takes between 1 and 3 months to complete, depending on how detailed the requirements are. Every one is carefully researched so that any added details are realistic and look full scale.

A lot of my time away from the bench is spent with my wife and 2 young daughters, along with my secular work as an IT professional, so I limit my time working on the models to ensure I spend plenty of time with my family. As well as building scale models, I have an interest in woodworking, and have built a toy chest for my eldest daughter.

If you wish to have a personal commission built please email me here