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Castrol Toyota Tom's Supra GT









The Car

Although looking similiar to a standard Toyota Supra, the Supra GT only share the basic shape with the road going variant. The car was purpose built for the Japanese GT series for the 1995 season. It had a race tuned 2140cc turbocharged engine creating nearly 500bhp. Due to its muscle looks and performance on the track to match, it has become popular with the Playstation generation. It is still highly regarded 20 years on.


The Model

The model is built from the 1:24 scale Tamiya kit. It has extensive decals to accurately represent the real car. There were some minor changes to the exterior, including adding photoetched bonnet catches, windscreen wiper and scratch-built tow hooks, front mesh and rear fins. The interior had extensive modifications with a scratch-built dashboard and steering column. Wires and extra details were added for realism.

Completed October 2015


Castrol Supra