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1966 Volkswagen Beetle







The Car

Built as the 'people's car', the Volkswagen Beetle was produced from 1938 all the way through to 2003. It was originally proposed by Adolf Hitler as a cheap car for the public. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, it has become an iconic car throughout the world. It had an unusual layout at the time of having an air-cooled, rear engine layout. Powered by a number of engines between 1200 and 1600cc. Due largely to it's association with hippie and surf cultures, along with the ease of working on it, the Beetle has been a popular vehicle for modifying from simple paint schemes to extravagant bodywork changes.


The Model

This was built from the Tamiya 1:24 scale kit. The bodywork was modified to create wider arches, and the suspension modified to accept the Fuch's wheels from a Porsche 911 and ensure they fitted in the wider arches. The brakes were replaced with disk brakes and the exhausts tips were replaced with scratch-built turned metal parts. The interior had flocking to represent carpet. The bodywork was painted with a candy red, with a ghosted flame-effect on the front.

Completed December 2013



1966 Volkswagen Beetle