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Rusty Truck Diorama









The Scene

Dotted around Europe are a number of buildings in various states of disrepair. This scene depicts an idea of one of these, along with an abandoned vehicle outside. It is not based on any real building, just the idea of what could be hidden behind the trees or down an unused alley way.


The Model

This diorama is built from the MiniArt 1:35 Village Diorama and cargo truck kits. Both were modified to reflect the derelict conditions I wanted to depict. The building was painted and weathered to reflect the age, along with the windows made to be hanging off the hinges and moss growing on the sills. The broken glass was made from clear plastic sheet. The fence was damaged and twisted to add to the appearance. Dry leaves and mud were added to the outside ground, with grass growing around the truck. The truck was painted to look like it had been sat outside for a long period of time. Parts were left off or damaged to give the feeling of neglect. The seat was replaced for springs.


Completed December 2015


Rusty Truck Diorama