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1989 'Elf' Honda NSR 500









The Bike

Following a number of years of Honda pushing the boundries and testing new technologies and bike configurations, in 1985 they returned to 'normal', with this 1989 model a continuation of their progress. This particular year featured a number of improvements to improve rideability. Race bikes at this time were powered by 500cc two stroke engines producing over 165HP and running to over 190mph.


The Model

Built from the Hasegawa 1:12 kit and my first Hasegawa bike model. The quality, details and mouldings do not dissapoint, and are more than on-par with Tamiya kits. For this model I opted to use the Top Studio detail set, which did not dissapoint. This brought lots of enhancements to the completed model, so much so that I decided mid-build to display it with the fairings off so as to lot loose all the extra detail I added.

Completed February 2018


1989 'Elf' Honda NSR 500